Welcome to The Creative Relay podcast. In each episode, you’ll hear from an inspiring creative mind – first to be interviewed and then interviewing the creative of their choice in the following podcast. The baton is passed on each episode as the interviewee becomes the interviewer.         Along the way, host Paul Dunne helps keep things light, lively and illuminating.

All episodes are recorded in Smith & Western’s dedicated podcasting studio in Redfern, Sydney. As was The Creative Relay theme music which was composed and recorded by Smith & Western and features throughout the podcasts.

Dan Higson

Dan has worked in the music and recording industry all his life, having worked as Executive Producer at some of the world’s most successful music and sound companies before moving to Sydney to join forces with Nick to form Smith & Western. Smith & Western are a highly regarded award winning sound house creating world class music and sound for all types of media. The Creative Relay Podcast was Dan’s idea and is recorded and produced at Smith & Western’s studio campus in Redfern.

Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne is a writer, presenter and highly regarded advertising Creative Director. Having worked alongside many of the greats of Australian advertising for over 20 years in some of Australia’s top agencies, Paul has given up on greatness rubbing off on him – but he’s still curious about what makes these folk tick.

Nick West
Creative Director

Starting his music career as a DJ in Tokyo, Nick soon focussed on music production and created various electronic music projects including Shades of Gray (an internationally touring house act). Whilst continuing to release, produce and tour internationally with the various projects he is involved in, Nick is also Smith & Western’s Creative Director and as senior audio post engineer is responsible for the recording of each Creative Relay Podcast.