12 EP 12 Michaela Webb talks to Vince Frost

Michaela Webb from Round Melbourne introduces Vince Frost, founder of Frost Collective. In this illuminating discussion Vince explains his focus on human-centred design and answers the perennial question “are all designers wankers?”

Michaela Webb

Michaela Webb is Creative Director of Round, a studio she founded in 2002 in Melbourne, Australia.

With over 20 years’ professional experience, Michaela has worked for Wolff Olins and Spin in London, and in 2016 was elected as a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI).

Over the decades, she has served as co-president of Australian Graphic Design Association in Victoria and spoken at many prestigious industry events.

Michaela is committed to ensuring that design is part of the conversation across multiple sectors and her expertise is drawn on by clients from industries as broad as hospitality, arts and culture, retail and beyond. She currently sits as an advisor on boards for RMIT Design Hub and Ian Potter Museum of Art.

In 2008, Michaela was named one of Design Quarterly Magazine’s Top Ten Creatives, in 2010 she was listed in Melbourne Magazine’s top 100 influential people. And, most importantly, in 2009 she and her partner, Rob, became parents to their daughter, Eva.

Vince Frost

Vince has a celebrated creative career spanning more than 25 years; his award-winning work continues to have an impact across the globe. Before starting Frost*design (now Frost* Collective) in London in 1994, Vince was the youngest associate director at UK multi-disciplinary design firm Pentagram. In 2004, he relocated to Sydney and, as a CEO and executive creative director of Frost*Collective, has led a wide range of transformative projects for clients including Deutsch Bank, Qantas, Frasers Property and the Sydney Opera House. As a member of ISTD and AGI, a board member of D&AD, and author of the book Design Your Life and host of Design Your Life podcast, Vince judges and lectures globally to diverse audiences on the value of design and the difference it can make towards enriching peoples lives in our modern world