Nathan, Dave, Barb and Paul podcasting

Beer on air!

Here’s a look at what goes on inside Cam’s head whilst recording the latest podcast. A rare insight into a creative genius’s head or just crazed doodling from a madman???

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Cam Blackley’s Ghost Story

JK and Ant reward their hard-earned thirst with a post-pod beer.

After months of work securing some of Australia’s most in-demand creative minds, The Creative Relay is finally live!

Game faces on – our interpretation of a happy-snap, with Paul, Tara, Cam and Dan. Difficult to believe, but Dan is the one here wearing the most make-up.

Pondering whilst podcasting – JK and Tara momentarily pause their pontifications in Smith & Western’s purpose-built podcasting studio.

The podcast team – Smith & Western CD Nick West, presenter Paul Dunne, Tara Ford, Jonathan Kneebone and show producer Dan Higson – chill after the recording on the S&W veranda

Because he’s worth it – Cam Blackley surprises everyone by turning up in clown make-up.